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Wild swimming adventures, open water swimming events and coaching in Scotland.

SwimWild is all about having fun and building confidence and skills in open water in breathtakingly beautiful parts of Scotland’s Highlands & Islands. We guide swimmers through this amazing landscape and explore it from a new and very different perspective via short wild swims and weekend breaks, to full adventure swimming expeditions and holidays. 

At SwimWild we offer coaching for swimmers of all ages and abilities, ranging from complete beginners and those building or regaining their confidence in the water through to detailed video analysis for experienced swimmers who want to hone their technique.

Whether you want to explore remote beaches and mountain lochs, improve your confidence in open water, refine your swimming technique, or have a race or long-distance swim challenge coming up, SwimWild can help you to find your perfect adventure and achieve your dreams!


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Loch A’an is huge: three miles long and thirty metres deep. In the winter the surface of the loch freezes over completely. In the summer the shallow waters around the edge glow turquoise, while the glacial depths in the middle of the loch shine a deeper, darker blue.

Arriving at Loch Etchachan the clouds are rolling in thick and fast, obscuring the views in every direction. Within minutes I find myself engulfed in a world of white mist and blurred shapes. The surrounding mountains melt away and I can only see a small portion of the loch directly in front of me.

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